This is my handmade Iron Throne, inspired by Game of Thrones. I made this using polymer clay, painted with acrylic paint, and varnished with Fimo semi-gloss.

I didn’t take any photographs early on in this project (sorry!), but I’ll explain the steps as best I can. I am intending on making another, and i’ll take more photographs, and maybe a video tutorial.

To begin, I shaped a cube of tin foil for the seat, and covered it with clay. I cut a circle of clay to surround the seat, as a base. I added the lines to the base with the back of my blade.

I then cut many basic blade shapes with clay, and moved onto the handles. I didn’t want to mould the swords and have them all look the same. I wanted different handles with their own embellishments. The handles were the most time-consuming part of this project, but I enjoyed every second.

Once I had lots of swords ready, I let them cool a little (handling polymer clay warms it, and makes it more difficult to control). Once ready, I began building up the sword layers around the seat, and created arm rests by simply building up a little higher in these areas. I could have just built the arm rests with tin foil too, but I wanted to have blades visible within layers, and having the tin foil bulking it up would limit this.

For the back of the seat, the blades are longer, and they need stability. I made each of these blades around a toothpick, so they could stand tall, and remain that way during the baking of the clay.

After assembling all of the blades where I wanted them, I had this:


As you can see, I textured the blades of the swords, and although it may not show too much on white clay, it will really show through once painted. I really enjoyed layering the swords and seeing the throne take shape. I made sure to have some broken swords displayed, and I wove some blades in and out of others.



I then baked the throne.

Once cooled, I was ready to paint. I began with a full coat of black acrylic paint, being careful to get into all of those little nooks between the blades.


Then I began a metallic silver acrylic overlay. Having the black base means that when I add the silver over the top, the black stays in the crevices of the texturing I added, and the silver glides across the top. This adds some depth, and gives a nice detailed finish.

Here it starts to come to life:



And finally, after a coat of varnish to protect the paint, my Iron Throne is complete:





Let me know in the comments if you have a go at making one yourself. I’d love to see how yours turns out.