I played with a great team, and we managed to get all of our hats.

Firstly, it’s a Boss Hunt. It’s meant to be hard, otherwise they’d call it a Worker Hunt. Find a team. Talk to each other. Coordinate. Get your hats.

How to beat The King’s Day Out

When you first land, you can only choose to play on normal mode. Once you beat normal, you can choose hard mode, and once you beat hard, you can choose crazy mode.

Team options (although this depends on your teams strengths – there’s no point forcing someone to play an Electro Pea if they have no idea how to use it):

Two damage-dealers and two healers, e.g.:
> Commando Corn>Electro Pea>Stuffy Flower >Vampire Flower
> Electro Citron>Commando Corn>Stuffy Flower >Vampire Flower

Or one damage-dealer and three healers (combination of the above).

Healers are even more important in this Boss Hunt than any of the previous Boss Hunts. Why? Because whilst you’re receiving healing, whether it’s from a heal beam, or a heal flower, you cannot be frozen.

To begin, protect the ice-cream. Mini Yetis, Browncoats, Coneheads, Arctic Troopers, Hockey Stars, and AC Perry will all show up. Vanquish a couple of rounds of this and a standard yeti will appear. These yetis move quickly, and freeze you quickly too. Healers need to heal their teammates (and themselves) constantly. Vanquish the yeti, and you will be presented with a dabbing Yeti King. DO NOT SHOOT HIM. The Yeti King is pretty much  invulnerable at this point. Get out of his way and prepare for the next phase.

The next phase gives you popsicle targets all around the map, so spread out. You must destroy these targets within the time limit. Each one you destroy gives you extended time for destroying the next one. The roof covering the bridge is an ideal place for a corn, pea, or citron. From that roof, you can hit every target except the one on the bus.

Once the targets have been destroyed you’ll have no doubt noticed a Disco Zombie and a standard Yeti (or multiple of these depending on the mode). You can vanquish these if they’re causing too much trouble, but you can always hide and wait, because once the popsicles are destroyed. The King calls in his fool.

The fool is an imp. He doesn’t deliver too much damage, or have too much health. Vanquish the fool. When you vanquish him, he’ll drop a slurpee. One of the damage-dealers pick this up, and head quickly over to the Yeti King. You’ll notice a big yellow circle surrounding the slurpee-carrier. Any of your team INSIDE the circle gets a huge damage boost. Run with carrier, ensuring he is kept healed up, and attack the Yeti King (you can take out Disco Zombies and standard Yetis on the way there if you need to – with the huge damage boost, they’re easy to take out).

As soon as the timer runs out, get away from the King.

Repeat these steps until you Vanquish the Yeti King.

Enjoy your new hats.

Available hats:
Regular, silver, gold, and diamond (normal mode)
Gem (hard mode)
Scrumptious (crazy mode)