When you begin playing Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, your rank plate can be a bit confusing, when you’re familiar with the ranking system in Garden Warfare 1. So what do the numbers mean?

When you play the game, you gain XP and your character levels up. When you reach Level 10, you need to promote your character so that you can continue levelling that character up. Promote your character by going to the bobbleheads (near your sticker book in your back yard).

When you promote, you are rewarded with 20,000 coins, and your character returns to Level 1, but you’ll notice his variant plaque changes. This is because he has changed from Beginner to Specialist. You can promote your character five times. This is from Beginner to Specialist > Advanced > Elite > Super Elite > Master.

As you keep playing, and keep promoting, of course you’re levelling up overall. This is shown on your rank plate, but what do the numbers actually mean?


On my rank plate, above, I am level 5455. Let’s seperate it into two sections: 54 and 55…

I begin at level 1.

The plate where the ’54’ is would have no numbers. The ’55’ would be ’01’. It would keep increasing from 01, 02, 03, etc. untill ’99’.

Then I reach my first 100.

The plate would now show a ‘1‘ where my ’54’ is (1 = 100), and the ’99’ would reset to ‘01‘. So I’m now level 101.

I continue again, levelling from 101 to 199, and when I reach my second hundred, the ‘1’ (where my 54 is) changes to ‘2‘, and the ’99’ resets again to ‘01‘. So I’m now level 201.

The cycle continues until you reach level 5455 – at least for now (current max rank).