What are your thoughts on spawn killing?

I am personally not a fan. I feel that if you have to stand at the gates of the opposition and throw in Imp Punts, Gravity Grenades, ZPGs, Chilli Bean Bombs, and similar, it suggests to me that you can’t get vanquishes the good old-fashioned way – by playing fair.

Let’s take Zomburbia for example, you spawn as a plant and here is the only map that has two bots above the gate that you must shoot down or they will cause you damage before you even get through the gate – a gate which will also vanquish you if you’re standing too close to it when it explodes! So, you shoot down the bots, the gates explode, and you go on your merry way to hunt down some zombies. No, wait, no hunting required! the majority of the zombie team is already here. Waiting. They’re on the rooftops, either side of the gate, and of course, in a direct line at their graveyard, all firing everything they have at you.

Now, some of the plants can jump through holes in the walls, but let’s be honest, you see many plants die before leaving spawn on this map, and generally those that escape, rush in the direction of the graveyard rather than help clear their exit of zombies.

But let’s stay optimistic. The plants have a teleporter! Perfect! No. The teleporter is directly outside of the spawn wall, either on the left or the right side, in a great position for all those zombies hovering outside the gate and on the rooftops. You can be a great rose player, but without teammates backing you up, you’ll do well to get the teleporter up and running, and once you do ( usually at an optimal moment when zombies are respawning and on their return to the gate), every plant teleporting is easy pickings for the opposition.

However, it’s debatable that if the game allows it to happen, why shouldn’t players take advantage? Should it be allowed? In my opinion, no. What do you think? Does spawn killing drive you crazy, or are you a spawn-killer and feel it’s all fair game?