Let me introduce you to the healers in Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2. There is the Scientist that has abilities whereby he can heal you, and himself. There is the Sunflower that has abilities that allow her to heal herself and you. There is the Rose that has a new ability that means she can heal you.

Why am I introducing them to you? Because you will probably find, like a huge amount of players, that the healers rarely heal anyone but themselves.

Assuming all abilities are unlocked, let’s start with the Scientist class. Every Scientist has the ability to use the ‘Heal Beam of Science’ in their ‘Ability 1’. This heal beam means that by a simple press of a button, they can constantly heal other zombies (including turrets). Do most of the Scientists do this? No. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. They may be equipped with a Heal Station instead so that they can heal themselves. That’s fair enough, right? Not really, because they also have another ability (Ability 3) where they can use a ‘Mega Heal Bomb’ and throw it when their health is decreasing and heal themselves back up (and surrounding zombies). If you see Sticky Explody Balls land near you, you can forget seeing a delightful explosion of health because that nearby Scientist chose to opt for those over the heal bomb, and chances are he’s going to run and hide around a corner and whip out his heal station, all for himself.

The ideal setup, in my opinion, is to use the Heal Beam of Science and heal everything that moves (and doesn’t) around you, and when you find yourself in a spot of bother, throw your Mega Heal Bomb and you’ll be feeling all better in a jiffy.

Now, let’s look at the Sunflower class. Every sunflower has the ability to use the ‘Heal Beam’, and this works exactly like the Scientists’ Heal Beam of Science, except that his is obviously full of Science. The Sunflower doesn’t have a heal station for ‘Ability 1’, just a heal beam, oh, and a rainbow heal beam that is different from the basic heal beam because, well, it has the colours of a rainbow. So, why do sunflowers run right past you even though your health bar is hovering over your injured body? This is a mystery that I think we will never find the answer to. However, the Sunflower also has a Heal Flower for her ‘Ability 3’. Some sunflowers opt for the Dark Flower in place of the Heal Flower, and I say that’s up to them if they don’t want the luxury of self-healing, but would it kill them to just press that little button once in a while and let the rainbows shine health right into your almost-dead body? Of course it wouldn’t, but I can almost guarantee you that it won’t happen. She will waltze right past you with her glorious cuteness, and you will shout at your screen, “Heal me! Please Heal me!”, whilst chasing after her. You may even shoot at her to get her attention. She doesn’t care.

With the new ability for Rose, it seems like all of our dreams may have come true. Rose can heal us too (or instead!). Rose now has the Arcane Lotus for ‘Ability 2’. Here’s the official description: ‘Rose alters her magic slightly, transforming into a being of pure, invulnerable, healing energy’. It sounds amazing, and it is! Now, let’s consider this, Rose is invulnerable whilst in the her state of Arcane Lotus. Invulnerable. There is absolutely no reason why a nearby rose, during a barrage of zombie attacks wouldn’t hop into her Arcane Lotus and give us all a little boost of health. Will she do it? Probably yes. Is it to help you? Probably not. It’s likely just to stop her getting vanquished, but if it boosts us whilst she looks after number one, who cares!

I love playing the healing classes, and I heal everything! I know I’m not the only one, but I would love it if more players did the same.

Here’s hoping that we all see a little bit of healing from the SUPPORT classes that were meant to help us in our quest for victory.